Our principles of Responsible Quality are confirmed in the Ethics Code of the Bolton Group, of which we are a part. The concrete application of these guidelines, both within the company as well as across the supplier chain, to ensure that it becomes part of "business as usual", is one of our day-to-day commitments.

  • 2011 Initiation of our collaboration with the Associazione Banco Alimentare della Lombardia.
  • 2012 Initiation of our participation in National Food Collection Day.
  • 2012 Publication and adoption of the Bolton Group Code of Ethics.
  • 2013 Launch of the corporate welfare program
    "Bolton for You".
  • 2013 OHSAS 18001 certification for the health and safety of the Cermenate plant.
  • 2013 Launch of the "Cura della Prima Infanzia ed Educazione alle Isole Solomon" project, in partnership with Save the Children.

Our 5 guiding principles

A responsible
supply chain

Based on the belief that we play an important economic and social role , we are committed to continually improving and developing our supply chain in a responsible manner, investing not only in technological innovation, but also in the professional growth of the people who work for us.

La filiera
  • 10.500
    Number of jobs created
    the world
  • 5.220
    Employment along
    the supply chain
  • 880
    Rio Mare employees in Italy,
    France and throughout the world
  • 4.400
    Indirect employment
    at sales channels
Study conducted by EY considering activities related solely to Bolton Alimentari's canned fish production in 2012 both in Italy and throughout the world.

Relaunch of the canned fish supply chain
on the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands, a concrete example of a Responsible Supply Chain, are one of the places from which we source our tuna, including Pole & Line-caught tuna. On these islands we have developed a fish supply chain (plant, fleet) in close collaboration with our partner and supplier, validating the skills and resources of the local population and improving both their economic and living conditions.


Since our inception, people have been at the heart of our activity, meaning that we strive to listen and pay attention to the requirements of those who contribute to the success of Bolton Alimentari on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, we are committed to satisfying the expectations of the people who give life to the company through the creation of a working environment which attracts, retains and validates talent.

Average age of our employees

The average age of our employees is around 45; in addition to an extension of the retirement age, this data is explained by a low turnover.

L’età media dei nostri dipendenti
La presenza femminile

Female workers

  • 47% men
  • 53% women
90 90 newly-hired recruits under the age of 30
Between 2011 and 2014

social projects

Guaranteeing the correct, sustainable management of food to ensure food for all, must definitely begin with the reduction of food wastage: bearing this in mind, we have, for many years, donated our products to volunteer associations working in this direction. In particular, over the last few years, we have worked in close collaboration with the associations of the European Food Bank Federation present in Italy and France, engaged in recovering and distributing unsellable though consumable products, e.g. due to defective labeling, to people in need.

The next

Responsible Quality means acknowledging the value of all people, from our employees to our suppliers, from all those who work with us to the comunities in which we operate.

Our 6 commitments