For years, countless individuals have entrusted us with a significant part of their diets. Where we are concerned, Responsible Quality means conveying the characteristics of our products in a clear, transparent manner and creating a relationship of trust with our consumers. This is why, day after day, we work tirelessly to choose only the best ingredients, verifying their quality and making sure that we know where they come from.

  • 2010 Scientific dossier on fish consumption and related health benefits, in collaboration with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI).
  • 2011 Scientific study on savoury, fish-based snacks, in collaboration with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI).
  • 2012 Launch of the “BEST FOOD GENERATION” educational program at schools, in partnership with EXPO 2015.
  • 2013 Initiation of our collaboration with nutritionist and chef Marco Bianchi.

Our 6 guiding principles


The success of our products in Italy and throughout the world is the result of an in-depth focus on quality and consumer requirements, achieved through the meticulous selection of raw materials, controls and the complete traceability of the product from catch to consumer. This enables us to evaluate the work performed by our suppliers across the entire supply chain at any moment whatsoever. As a European leader in the canned tuna market, we are aware of playing a key role in educating consumers about healthy eating habits. It is for this very reason that we are committed to spreading information about the nutritional benefits of canned fish.

I controlli
  • More than
    on raw materials in 2014
  • More than
    Analyses conducted to monitor the presence of histamines and mercury in 2014
    Histamine: a substance produced by naturally-occurring bacteria found in nature, when fish are left for too long at room temperature.
    Mercury is found in all aquatic organisms. It is a naturally-occurring metal that, though deriving from rock erosion or volcanic activity, can also come from certain products or human activities such as industrial production, pesticides and drugs. The values found in our tuna products are 10 times lower than the limits established by European legislation.
  • Around
    Organoleptic controls on the finished product in 2014
  • Around
    Analyses conducted on samples of finished products in 2014


The tuna used by Rio Mare is subjected to a double cleaning process, performed entirely by hand.


Where Tuna is in question, the values found in our products are 10 times lower than the limits established by European legislation.
Mercury is found in all aquatic organisms. It is a naturally-occurring metal that thought deeriving from rock erosion or volcanic activity, can also come from human activities including industrial production, pesticides and drugs.

*Due to the presence of methylmercury in our fish products, Italian legislation makes recourse to EC Regulation no. 1881 of 2006 “Maximum levels of certain contaminants in foodstuffs”.

The traceability
of our

Food safety is a key requisite for all our products. Similarly, traceability is an indispensable tool to guarantee this requisite; for this reason, we register the origin of all products, ingredients and packaging using a sophisticated tracking system, which enables us to reconstruct the story of each can and to cross-reference the data, analyses and controls conducted on each product across the supply chain. Our traceability system is certified in accordance with the ISO 22005 standard 'Traceability system in agricultural and food chains'.

on traceability

on traceability

Type of fishing vessel used,, its nationality, geographic area, date of fishing, fishing technique used, canned tuna species and date of canning: all this information can be obtained through our traceability system. This means that at any time we are able to assess the quality of the work performed by suppliers across the supply chain. Furthermore, in the event of defects being found in any one can, within a short space of time, we are able to trace other similar defects characterized by the same route and the same biography, in order to remedy the situation prior to the products being marketed.
  • vessel
  • Nationality
  • Fishing
  • Fishing
  • Species
  • Fishing method

that's good for your

Fish is rich in proteins, Omega 3 and good fats and it also provides a wealth of minerals, often lacking or not regularly assumed in our diets yet essential to the wellbeing and health of individuals. In this awareness and as a leader in the sector, thanks to collaboration with scientific partners and qualified professionals, we are engaged in arousing consumer awareness about the nutritional benefits of fish and healthy eating habits.

Progetto scuola

Schools project

  • 800.000
    Children involved
    at 9,600 schools
  • 31.000
    The number of
    educational kits distributed,
    consisting of 1,300,000 recipe
    booklets for families
    and 65,000 classroom posters
  • 9.055
    Schools participating
    in the competition that
    awarded prizes to 48 winners
  • Special prize awarded
    by the Sodalitas foundation
    for innovative initiatives in support
    of the themes of Expo 2015
    'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'”

with Marco Bianchi

To spread the principles of correct nutrition and the benefits of eating fish, we have also chosen to collaborate with Marco Bianchi, a bio-chemical research technician, scientific educator and consultant for important cancer research institutions. Thanks to this collaborative effort we have developed several communication projects.

Il Mare in Cucina

More than 200.000

copies distributed of the
“Il Mare in Cucina” and “Il mare in tutte le stagioni” book

Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi is a chef specializing in the relationship between food and health. He is a scientific educator and consultant for the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi and for the Fondazione Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (IEO). Watch the video-recipes created in collaboration with Rio Mare.

Digital communication

We are deeply committed to disseminating correct, clear and immediate information regarding the nutritional value of our products, especially information regarding the benefits of eating fish, on all communication channels: from packaging to sales points, from websites to social networks, to mobile app iTuna and press offices activities.

iTuna App

Thanks to augmented reality, this app enables users to scan products with their smartphones, providing an opportunity to discover recipes, nutritional information, news and interesting facts, possibly even while shopping.

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The next

Although steering the right course is a long and often complicated business, we are absolutely determined to pursue it. This explains why we will continue to make every effort to commit to Responsible Quality in the three-year period 2014-2016, by implementing systems, methods and programs that will allow us to continually improve our products and communication with our consumers.

Our 6 commitments