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4 areas of commitment

Pesca sostenibile

We protect
the marine ecosystem

We are committed to sustainable fishing.
To respect the balance of the marine ecosystem we
diversify fishing areas, fishing methods and the
species caught.

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Rispettiamo l'ambiente

We respect
the environment

We pay maximum attention to our impact on the environment.
We only use electric energy from renewable sources and we are constantly engaged in reducing water consumption.

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Rispettiamo le persone

We respect

We guarantee a responsible supply chain.
We give work to thousands of people in Italy and in another 20 countries across the globe, placing them at the heart of our project.

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Crediamo nel valore del benessere

We believe in the value
of wellness

We promote conscious dietary choices among our consumers.
The Best Food Generation project is aimed at spreading
the culture of responsible nutrition throughout primary schools

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Watch the video and set sail with us on the right course!

Which route does the fish that reaches your tables take? Watch our video to find out and take a trip to discover the world of Rio Mare!

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